Year of the Witch

by Graveyard Witch

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This is for our brother, Danny.


released November 15, 2018


Joey Blair - Guitar / Vocals
Alexis “Curls” Benitez - Lead Guitar
RJ Guerrero - Bass
Blake Dutra - Drums

All songs performed by Graveyard Witch

Engineered by Ed Mandyhen at Skyward Studios

Produced by Joey Blair and Graveyard Witch

Album Artwork and Layout by Eli McKenna

Distributed by Jealous Youth Records


all rights reserved



Graveyard Witch San Diego, California

LOUD, FAST, and AGGRESSIVE heavy metal straight from the golden state.

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Track Name: Shattered Glass
Get a load, get a lot, get a little bit
of sugar right to your brain
It may sting, it will take everything,
Oh, the happiness it will bring
So come along, get some tail, take a rail
It’ll get you out on the streets, yeah
Don’t be shy, don’t ask why
Gotta get some more with the people you meet

I’m a creep. I don’t sleep
And I swear that the government is after me
I’m alive. Here to ride away life’s fantasy
Look into my eyes, it’s crystal clear
Baby, I got no fear
Anxiety inside of me
Shakin’ right down to my knees

Don’t cost too much
Might melt to the touch
Oh, don’t you go
I don’t want to know

Down, down, down
It’s all down hill from here
Living by the fire because I love heat
I live for burn and I’ll die for the sting
Slave to rush turns routine
Makes me want to scream
Anxiety inside of me
Shaken right down to my knees
Track Name: Rude Awakening
I’m dark as night I’m quick as light.
A loaded gun and a switch blade knife
Won’t hold back to take your life
so hurry up, there ain’t much time

Don’t you mess around
Tell your friends who runs this town

Rude awakening!

Me, myself, and my motor bike
Wheels of fire rip through the night
Hide your kids and hide your wife
Grab your gun and hold it tight

Coming on like a hurricane
Fuck your lane, get out of my way
Sold my soul for a little cocaine
Gone numb, I don’t feel no pain
Track Name: Mortal Gods / Hesh Law
Look in my eyes, tell me what do you see?
Don’t be afraid, it’s just the devil in me
Eat the fruit from upon this tree
The king of heaven and earth you shall be

Life will never be the same
The finger points to you as they call your name
Hear my word, hear what I proclaim
Some will sin and some will be saved

/ / /

Hey I don’t care what you say to me
I’m a body without a soul
You ain’t got nothing on me
I don’t care what you’ve been told

Hesh Law
Don’t break the law
Hesh Law
I am the law

I won’t take your shit
I won’t take it from no one
Because I run the show
So if you get in my way or tell me what to do,
That will be the last of you

I’m sick and tired of playing your games
it’s coming to an end today
When push comes to shove,
It drives me insane
It’s time for you to go away
Track Name: Blonde Girl
Hey you, woman with the long blonde hair
I’ve been staring for a while from right over there
You're the best damn woman that I’ve ever seen
Be my cherry pie and I’ll be the cream

I want to love you like nobody has done before
I’ll keep you satisfied, keeping you wanting more
And when the time has come for me to pay the bill
I think I’ll let ya know I’m doing this for the thrill

Will somebody hold me down
from the spectacle that looks the city
Sparks are flying girl, I ain’t lying
Way more than three hundred and fifty

I want to love you like nobody has done before
Track Name: Anarchy
Go for the throat
If you don’t, it may be to late
Taken away by famine
And raping our ways
So grab all your ammo,
Your weapons and come on my way
Stand together
We are the United States

I am the hammer
I’m cocked and ready to play
Fuck what you know
I don’t give a fuck what you say
Guns equal freedom
So come try and take mine away
Form the militia
This is our anarchy

Raise your fist
Our rights, they can’t take away
Terror we bring
Through hearts of our enemies
So grab all your weapons
And come on my way
Stand together
We are the United States

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